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Designer and urban artist better

Poster designer, professor at Medeniyet Istanbul University

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Graphic designer, illustrator, art director, new media artist and university profesor wiht more than 30 years of experience.

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Designer and professor in School of Design of Anhui Polytechnic University, 


Street art specialist, she's an expert in neighborhood culture

Poster designer, social entrepreneur.

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He's a consultant, teacher and international designer. His works are all over the world. 

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Industrial designer, educator and innovative teacher.

He's an expert designer and Pop Art master, winner of last's year ROOTS contests and many more international poster competitions. 


Expert graphic designer and photographer. With more than 20 years of ecperience. Creator of the Uruguay cartel festival.

Independent essayist and journalist. Art and culture critic, with extensive experience in writing and carrying out cultural projects with the support of PECDA Jalisco.

Musician, history and art teacher, creator and researcher focused on music, art and culture.

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